A History Of Sutton Bowling Club

The Bowling Green was included in the park design in 1912.

The bowling green was for the benefit of the “City fathers of Sutton” where they could discuss the affairs of the nation, it was hoped the gift would be appreciated, and helpful to physical and moral welfare.

The original pavilion was centred on the west side, while the recent Jubilee pavilion contains the green from the north side and the lime avenue to the east. The green is set one metre into the shallow park slope to achieve its level, and is 37m square, surrounded by a channel backed by a high concrete pin kerb.

In 1912 four sets of wood and two jacks were promised. The bowling green was re-opened to the public, in May 1913, on Whit Sunday, Monday and Tuesday weather permitting. 1d per half an hour.

No person under the age of sixteen was allowed to play on the green. Mr A. Clough school master won the first cup final.

In 1913, the J. E. Laycock, competition cup was held. There were ninety seven competitors and a large number of spectators. The semi-final tie, competitors were A. Dickinson and Wilson Davy, A. Overend and John Dave, the Davy’s were father and son.

Mr Dickinson won 21-11 and the cup for one year, also a silver medal. Mr John Davy a silver mounted walking stick, Mr. Overend runner up a watch chain and Mr. Davy a silver mounted umbrella. The winners cup was presented by Mrs A Milnes. A collection was taken to go to next year’s prizes. Thanks were given by the Rev. Light.

  1. Alf Clough 2.Wm. Shuttleworth 3. John Davy 4. Mr. Walker 5. James Laycock 6. Wilf Blackie 7. Mr. Dickinson 8. Wm Whitaker 9. Vicar Mr. Light 10.? 11. Albert Overenc 12. Wils Davy

Seated Mrs J. Laycock & Mrs Milnes.

A committee for the green management was set up during 1919. Bowlers were represented by Alfred Clough, Wilson Davy, W.H. Shuttleworth and Joseph Sutcliffe, the council by Joseph Henry Brigg, John Wm Midgley, H.N. Nutter and L. Preston.

Junior Cup 1921

By 1921, there were a total of five cups for the annual competition. These included a cup given for juvenile bowlers in the parish, of sixteen to twenty years.

On the competition day, Mr Wilson Davy took the chair, and commented that, “that day was the birth of the junior cup, the parents, were the advisory committee, and the proposer, Mr. A Pearce the father”. Mr J Hardaker presented the prizes saying the juniors had set a mark well for the older players to emulate.

Prizes were; Silver cup, 1 year Mr. W.L. Whitaker also a silver ink Stand.

Runner up: Mr E. Smith silver jam dish.

Mr J. A. Smith, silver cruet.

Mr. G. Tempest, silver match stand.


Duties of the park keeper in October, included cleaning and greasing the bowls. The green is a crown bowling green. Mr. G. Whiteoak presented a silver cup for residents in 1940. In 1949 Miss Abigail Smith, Kings Court, handed back the J. E. Laycock trophy, in accordance to the wish of her late brother, Harvey Smith , for further competition.

Charges during 1950. 4d per person per hour. (2p)

Veterans 2d. (1p)