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  1. The Government advise to keep play equipment closed along with the pavilion and public toilets.

    Sutton Park is a small park with limited space and the paths do not lend themselves to social distancing. 

    When open on any sunny day in the past, Sutton park has been heavily populated, many of whom have travelled a significant distance to visit. This is the last thing we want at this time, under these circumstances. 

    A vast majority of residents feel that it is best to keep the park closed at this time. 

    We as a Parish Council, as managers of the park, have aa duty of care for all those who work in and enter the park. 

    After considering many factors the park will not re-open at this time. We will however review this at the end of the month and take into consideration the monitoring that the Government have said they will undertake in order to assess the impact of their recent advice.