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  1. It has been reported that members of the public are driving along Hall Drive and parking at the entrance to Lumb Clough blocking access to the bridge while they walk their dogs in the wood. This inconsiderate parking is causing an obstruction to the Emergency Services, residents, wheelchair users, parents with pushchairs and others. Although the road is a designated Public Right of Way it is a private road and members of the public who are using the road to access the clough should not be parking on it. 

    Public Rights of Way Officers have been informed of the problem and will be addressing the matter. 

  2. The Seniors Luncheon Club is an opportunity for older people to meet together, enjoy a meal, socialise and have fun! The club runs on a Tuesday in the Jubilee Tearoom in Sutton Park at 12.00 noon for further details tel: 07730 550838 or talk to one of the staff. 

  3. Information drop-in day at Crosshills Library is 2nd October (3-6pm). This is to update people on what that consultation outcome means for their library and to hopefully identify individuals who might take an active role on a future management group as well as talking to people about volunteer opportunities. 

  4. Celebrate our local heroes - Craven Community Champion Awards 2015 are now open for nominations!

    Craven District Council are launching the fourth annual Craven Community Champion Awards – The awards celebrate the achievements of outstanding local people and honours the District's unsung heroes who go that extra mile to help others. 

    If you know an individual, a voluntary group or organisation that is making an outstanding contribution, why not nominate them for an award. The awards are split into eight categories

    Arts and Culture Award (Sponsored by Peel Entertainment)

    Best Community Group (Sponsored by Keelham Farm Shop)

    Greener Craven Award (Sponsored by Angus Fire)

    Best Social Enterprise (sponsored by Principle Healthcare)

    Sport and Recreation Award (sponsored by Craven Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre )

    Volunteer of the Year Award (Sponsored by Broughton Hall Estate )

    Young Citizen of the Year Award (Sponsored by The Coniston Hotel Country Estate and Spa)

    Digital Innovation in the Community Award (Sponsored by ilovebroadband)

    There is also an additional award - Citizen of the Year Award (Sponsored by Yorkshire Housing)

    The winners will be announced on Thursday, October 29, 2015 at the Awards Ceremony to be hosted by the Coniston Hotel and Country Estate at Coniston Cold. Everyone who has been shortlisted to receive an award will be invited to attend the Award Ceremony.

    Nominations will close on Friday 4th September 2015. Nomination forms are available from the Council website:



  5. Sutton Juniors was formed in 1998 by Simon and Alison Town who were joined by the current president, Mr Phil Taylor. The club was originally called Sutton Rascals but as it evolved with older groups it was renamed Sutton Juniors.

    Initially there was one team U7 as the years have gone on more teams have been added. Today there are 21 teams ranging from under 7 up to adults.

    The teams play across four venues around the Sutton-in-Craven, area. The U7's, U8's & U9's play and train in Sutton Park.

    A request has been made to Sutton-in-Craven Parish Council for storage facilities. Some of the clubs equipment is stored in the old bowling pavilion in the park but space is limited. The club also store further equipment in a garage but are losing access to this facility.

    A proposal has been put forward by the club to adapt the stone shelter in the park, panelling the front incorporating a door and shelving. The club have offered to fund the alterations themselves.

    The facility would give them the much needed storage they need to carry on supporting the teams in their training and matches.

  6. Worried residents on Hall Drive voiced their concern over groups of teenagers on bicycles exiting the clough at great speed, without taking into consideration cars entering and exiting driveways.

    A request was made to the Parish Council for something to be done to slow the riders down. 

    Chicanes have now been fitted to the bridge in a bid to prevent a serious accident. 

    Feedback from the residents on Hall Drive has been positive. 

  7. Notice of the Order appeared in the Craven Herald on the 18th June 2015. The notice applies to Main Street, Sutton 17.5m east from the extended east wall lines of Gatering Lane. East for a distance of 21.8m.

    Double parking on Main Street particularly near the park and church is a major problem causing congestion. Buses are having difficulty getting through as well as cars.

    Following a meeting with Highways to look at a solution. It was proposed that an order be made for a length of lines (approximately four car lengths) to prohibit parking across the front of the main Church gate. The restriction is proposed to maintain the free flow of traffic (to leave space so cars can pull into pass without having to reverse a considerable length). The Traffic Order has an exemption for wedding and funeral related vehicles.

    North Yorkshire Highways received no objections to the order. 


    Sutton Juniors are in consultation and have agreed a deal in principle to buy land within the village.

    The land itself, time scales, and details of the deal will need to be kept under wraps for now but we can confirm it does lie within the boundaries of Sutton in Craven.

    Our senior management committee will be working with various local and national bodies to help deliver this but the support of our members and the wider community will be vital.

    How can you help? --------------------------

    There will be various ways members and indeed people from the village and surrounding areas can get involved and these will be announced over the next few weeks, in the meantime supporting our club fundraising events, buying from our club shop or simply donating via our gofundme account will help.

    All these options are available through our Facebook page and our Club Website.

      Legacy ---------

    Hopefully everyone can now see why we’re so driven in our fundraising efforts and understand that this is achievable if we all pull together!

    We have a chance to create a lasting legacy for generations of children and adults in Sutton and the surrounding areas.

    The club needs to reach a goal of 25k – we have already put in place a number of contingency elements to support this target – but this is our aim. This will be mixed between active fundraising and more corporate & commercial support.

    In terms of timescales – the process will be drawn out over some time – it will take many months to bottom all the technical aspects of the proposals, legal status and club structure to move forward – please bear with us.

    Sutton Juniors FC

  9. Sutton Park play area and sports field is constantly used by children, schools and football clubs for training, matches and events.

    The decision not to allow dogs on the playing field / play area was taken in 2010 following many complaints from residents, schools, various groups and 

    clubs about the increasing amount of iilegal dog fouling on the playing field.

    Various other measures were tried in the first instance including warning signage, but to no avail.

    The council takes its responsibility seriously to work with the community to keep children's play areas free from dog mess.

    We are being ruled by a minority of inconsiderate dog owners and unfortunately the majority have to put up with it.

    Yes there is concern about toxocariasis, a disease which can spread through dog faeces causing blindness, BUT NOT JUST THAT, dog mess is dirty unpleasant especially where young children are not always discriminating about what they touch or pick up, on sports pitches where players are often young people, frequently sliding on the surface and to grounds staff when mowing. 

    The decision was not taken lightly and consideration was given to the number of other sites in Sutton where dogs can be walked i.e. Lumb Clough, Lyndhurst Wood, Alvic Field, Beckside, Crag Nook Delph and many other footpaths defined on the definitive map.

    Many Councils have banned dogs from sports fields and play areas to keep the areas free from dog mess. The National Playing Fields Association guidelines state areas which should be dog free (except for guide dogs); all equipped playgrounds, sports pitches and outdoor sports facilities such as courts and greens, school playing fields and grounds, and recreational land which is primarily used by schools, areas intended for, or commonly used by, children.

    Dogs can be walked on the paths, tied to the outside of the toddler play area railings (nearest the path) or to tables on the grass (sited near the main path). There are other areas of hard standing with benches if preferred.