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  1. Due to Government cuts in the budget, North Yorkshire County Council have stopped cutting grass on verges in urban areas, where it is not required for safety reasons.

    The County Council, which is responsible for maintaining 9,000 kilometres roads in North Yorkshire, cuts grass and maintains roadside verges for safety purposes whilst being sympathetic to the environment.

    North Yorkshire County Council's policy is split into two: urban and rural. Urban grass cutting takes place on roads with a speed limit of 40mph or less, and rural grass cutting takes place on roads with a speed limit of 50mph or above.

    From April 2015, the County Council have ceased cutting urban grass cutting provided for amenity purposes. The areas affected in Sutton-in-Craven are: Park Avenue, North Road, Boundary Avenue, Hall Way / North Avenue, Crofters Mill and Hazel Grove Road.

    The County Council are leaving it up to parish councils to cut the grass themselves. This is all part of a larger picture that is hitting us, libraries, bus subsidies, everyone suffers in some way with these cuts.

    In order to preserve the appearance of the village the Parish Council have now hired a contractor to undertake the work.

  2. Sutton Cricket Club are raising funds for a new pavilion following their successful application for planning permission. 

    The two old buildings currently at the ground were built in the 1930's and have now become totally unfit for purpose.

    The project is to be funded by partnership funding from various grant bodies but requires the club to raise a signficant amount of funds themselves.

    The Parish Council donated £500 to the project and provided a letter of support to aid the club in its application to other funding bodies.

    The Cricket Club are holding various events and activities to raise the necessary funds including a 'Buy a Brick' scheme. For more information please visit their website. 

  3.  Sutton Amateurs formed in 1928 to promote theatre in the District. Performances are held at the Village Hall.

     The stage lighting is inadequate and needs updating.

     A grant of £250 was given by the Parish Council towards the new stage lighting along with a letter of support to aid in applications to other funding bodies.



  4. The Tour de Yorkshire will be passing through Sutton in Craven on Sunday 3rd May 2015. This is an international standard cycling race, building on success and legacy of the Tour De France last year. The professional race will be broadcast on live on ITV in the UK and will be shown over 100 countries worldwide.

    The route of the race heads north from Laycock, down the Ellers Road, High Street then on to Holme Lane, before travelling to Cross Hills.

    In addition to the professional race, which will pass through Sutton-in-Craven between1510-1530 (the exact time is dependent on how fast the cyclist are travelling), there is an amateur sportive event of over 2000 riders which uses the same route as the professional race. This will be held Sunday 3rd May 2015 before the professional road race.

    Professional Race

    The Police will implement a rolling road closures along the race route for around 1 hour. No vehicles will be able to access the race route during the rolling road closure. The anticipated road closure times will be between1450-1550, however these may vary depending on the speed of the cyclists.

    In addition to the rolling road closure, parking restrictions will need to be implemented along Ellers Road, from the top of the descent in to Ellers, and on to High Street until its junction with Main Street. This will mean that no parking will be permitted from 0800-1630 along these roads. 

  5. Consultation on the pre-publication draft of the Local Plan 22nd September – 3rd November 2014.

    Consultation on the pre-publication draft of the Craven Local Plan is due to commence on the 22nd September for 6 weeks. During this informal public consultation Craven District well be seeking feedback from parish councils, residents, businesses, local groups and other agencies on the latest draft of the Local Plan.

    The Parish Council objected originally to the number of houses that were planned for Sutton this was reduced to 5 per year, 75 over the next 15 years.

    The Parish Council objected to sites chosen by CDC including site SC040 which villagers said they did not wish to see developed.

    The Parish Council will try and work to get this site removed as it feels there are sufficient Brownfield Sites to accommodate the housing need.

    The draft Local Plan can be viewed online at