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  1. What is a flash flood?

    Flash floods happen when an exceptional amount of rain falls in a very short time. Although flash floods are still very rare, climate change and an increase in thunderstorms means they are more likely to happen. Flash floods are extremely destructive so being prepared could save lives.

    1. Flash flooding can happen suddenly. It is important to know what signs to look for in your location so you can ACT fast.

    • heavy rain or severe weather reports
    • rising water levels with churning, dark water
    • a build up of debris in rivers or streams

    2. Do not walk or drive through flood water

    In a flash flood most injuries and deaths happen when people try to cross flood water. It only takes 15cm (six inches) of flast-flowing water to knock an adult over, and only 60cms (two feet) of water to lift and sweep away a 4 x 4 or small lorry. There also may be hidden dangers in the water like rubble and exposed drains.

    3. Plan where to go if you get caught in a flash flood

    If you're in a building with at least two storeys and you believe it is safer to stay where you are, you should. Move to a higher floor and wait for instructions from the emergency services. If you're in vulnerable accommodation such as a bungalow or a basement without access to higher floors - or caught outside - you should seek shelter in the nearest two-storey building or go to a higher ground. Call 999 if you are trapped.


    Flash flooding - can happen very quickly and there's often no time to issue flood warnings in advance. However, there is a free Floodline Warning Direct Service, which will give you advance warning of flooding from rivers and the sea. Sign up and check your flood risk by phoning Floodline 0345 988 1188 or visit 

    Environment Agency

  2. It is the intention of Snell Developments Ltd to submit an Outline Planning Application for circa 32 dwellings on Land to the West of Holme Lane in Sutton in Craven. 

    This outline application will seek approval for the principle of development along with a single vehicular access point from Holme Road. 

    The proposals will retain existing boundary trees and will include the planting of additional native tree species and an area for on-site water attenuation. Additionally, provision will be made for a new bus stop close to the access on Holme Rd, a public footpath across the area of green space to improve pedestrian connectivity and a parking area for users of the school and park. 

    Leaflets will be posted; and site notices displayed close to the western and eastern boundaries of the application site on Saturday 17 September 2016. The website will be become live on the same day.


  3. Consultation on Preferred Sites for Housing 22nd July - 19th August 2016

    Consultation documents are available to view online and at Craven District Offices, Belle Vue Square, Skipton, or in libraries at Skipton, Cross Hills, Embsay, Settle, Bentham and Ingleton and via the mobile library service.

    Go to or search "craven new local plan" for more information.


    2 x bed bungalows to purchase on a shared ownership basis


    A local connection criterion applies to the properties. Preference will be given in the first instance to those with a local connection to Sutton in Craven before cascading out to the neighbouring parishes and the rest of Craven District


    The bungalows are available to buy on a shared ownership basis for £87,500 for a 50% share. A rent will be payable on the unsold equity.

    Further information:

    For further general information and to arrange a viewing please contact Harrison Boothman Estate agents on 01756 535010 or visit www.

  5. A pilot scheme has now been launched with each councillor having £1,000 to give out to community projects in their ward.

    Ward budgets can also be used to fund joint projects between two or more wards, providing each ward has identified the same issue and there are clear benefits for the residents of each parish.

    For more information on ward member grants please see the link below:

  6. Sutton-in-Craven Parish Council are hosting meetings to discuss issues related to flooding in South Craven. 

    Members of North Yorkshire County Council, Environment Agency, Craven District Council and Parish Councils attended.

    North Yorkshire County Council and the Environmment Agency are looking at a large-scale projects to tackle flooding in the area, but the projects are varying in scale.

    A bid has been submited for funding for an Environment Agency led project to assess the flood risk and develop options - this has been put forward to be assessed. We will know the outcome hopefully sometime in July.

    Considerable work has and is being carried out to improve highway drainage and the provision of additional sandbag stores at Valley View in Glusburn and Manor Way in Sutton. 

    Key-holders who reside locally are to be identified to manage these sandbag stores. 

    Things are moving in a positive direction for the future. But this process is going to take time. 

  7.  Sutton in Craven Parish Council would like to thank Cllr. Philip Barrett for his support in our grant application to NYCC Locality Budget. 

    This partnership funding enabled work to be carried out to resurface the footpath near the cricket field and along beckside between Sutton and Eastburn bridge. 

    We would also like to thank Public Rights of Way Officers for their assistance and the contractors who have done an excellent job. 

    The improvements have been met with very positive feedback from residents. 

    The footpath is very important providing a safer alternative route to walking on Sutton Lane which does not have a footway.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  8. Public consultation on the Craven Local Plan extended until 31st May 2016  

    Consultation on the draft Local Plan was organised from the 5th April until 17th May 2016.  This 6 week consultation period has now been extended until 31st May 2016. 
    The Planning Policy Team are interested to hear what people like about the draft Local Plan, what needs changing, why it needs to be changed, and how. Any suggestions are welcome.  Over the last 6 weeks we have had many comments from residents, groups, statutory consultees etc.  The Planning Policy Team have also run busy public drop in events at Settle, Skipton, Bentham and Glusburn.   Another 4 events have been planned at:

    • Ingleton Community Centre: Tuesday 17th May, 4pm-7pm
    • St Peter’s Methodist Church, Crosshills: Thursday 19th May, 4pm-7pm
    • Victoria Hall, Settle: Monday 23rd May, 5pm-7pm
    • Town Hall Annexe, Skipton: Thursday 26th May, 4pm-7pm

    The draft Local Plan sets out a pool of sites options with potential for housing, employment and mixed uses throughout settlements within the plan area; Spatial Strategy options and policies.  Each of these three aspects of the Local Plan have also been subject to sustainability appraisal.

    Informal consultation up to publication of the Plan is the last opportunity to influence the content of the plan before it is formally published in September 2016 and submitted to the Secretary of State for Examination in December 2016. The government requires Local Planning Authorities to produce Local Plans by early 2017.  Once the plan is published, comments or representations should only relate to the tests of soundness and other legal requirements, rather than its content. These representations will then be dealt with by an independent inspector during the Examination in Public. 

    The new draft Local Plan consultation documents and a feedback form can be found our web page here  Hard copies are also available to view at Council Offices at Belle View Square and at libraries.

    Please contact the Planning Policy Team with any queries relating to the draft Local Plan consultation.

    Yours sincerely,

    Planning Policy Team 

  9. Craven District Council is undertaking a review of the recycling ‘bring sites’ across the district.

    Members of the Policy Committee agreed the review at a meeting on March 1 2016.

    Currently there are 24 ‘bring sites’ across the district on council or parish-owned land, and another 94 sites on campsites, schools or trade premises.

    Bring sites were introduced in the 1970s as a solution to recycling, at a time when residents did not have access to kerbside recycling.

    Paul Florentine, Craven District Council’s Waste Manager, said: “The need for bring sites has diminished since the introduction of alternate weekly collections in February 2010, giving all Craven residents direct access to a doorstep recycling service.

    “There is also evidence that bring sites are being used by businesses who should be paying for the collection of recycling materials. We are also facing significant charges for recycling commercial cardboard from the beginning of April.”

    Changes to recyclates contracts mean that from April 1, 2016, instead of receiving £20 per tonne for recycling cardboard, the council will have to pay around £35 per tonne.

    Consultation will now take place with all council members, parish councils and owners of the private land where bring sites are currently located. This consultation will also be available to all residents on the council’s website and will finish on the 24th June 2016