All the Councillors live in the parish. They are volunteers and receive no pay for the work they do on behalf of the parish.







                        Steve Morrell


    Tel: 01535  634507


                        Anna Bretan


    Tel: 01535  631510


                        Ken Hart


    Tel: 01535  632870


                        Brian Parsons


    Tel: 01535  637322


                        Maureen Green


    Tel: 01535  635269


                        Betty Hawkins


    Tel: 01535  635134


                        James Jennings












                       Denise Emmott


    Tel: 01535 633972

                                                          Email: [email protected].com



    The clerk cannot make decisions, or impose a personal opinion the job requires providing information where council members will make a decision.

    The clerk is duty bound to carry out that decision unless the decision is obviously unlawful or beyond the council’s powers.

    Requests, suggestions and complaints must be put in writing to the Council Office where they can be itemised on the agenda for future meetings.

    Council Meetings are on the first Monday of every month (except when there is a Bank Holiday and then it is the second Monday) at 6,45pm at the Community  Centre, North Street.




Clerk          Denise Emmott         9 North Avenue, BD20 7NN                       

Tel: 01535 633972     Email:        [email protected]          



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